An army staff sergeant was arrested on murder and other charges following the death of a police officer and another person in Virginia, as reported by the authorities.

Ronald Hamilton, a 32-year-old army staff sergeant is arrested without bond for murder of a law enforcement officer. Officer Ashley Guindon was killed by Hamilton after she attended a domestic violence call. There were two other officers who were attacked by Hamilton, reported The Guardian.

Prince William County Police Chief Stephan Hudson said that the other two are seriously wounded. On Saturday afternoon, there was an ongoing fight between Hamilton and his wife Crystal. However, things took an ugly turn when Crystal called the police. Hamilton lethally shot her between her call to police. He also shot the three officers who arrived at his front door.

Later Hamilton surrendered as additional officers arrived at his premises. Hamilton’s 11-year-old son was at home when the incident took place. He is now taken care of by his relatives.  Stephan Hudson did not offer any details about what might have provoked Hamilton to kill his wife and the officers. The neighbours informed that Hamilton, who worked for Pentagon, was about to be transferred to Italy, reported Military Times.

Twenty-eight-year-old Guidon, the Virginia police officer, died in the hospital and the two other officers Jesse Hempen (31) and David McKeown (33) were being treated in the same hospital. Police Chief Hudson said that Ashley Guidon was a brave, intelligent and compassionate officer. Guidon was a former Marine Corps reservist and also had a master degree in forensic science.

Hudson commented, “We were struck by her passion to do this job. She did share with us when we rehired her that she felt like she wanted to do this job. She couldn’t get it out of her blood. She clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself.”

Corey Stewart, the Republican chairman of the county’s board of supervisors, said, “She was an example of the kind of person that the department hires and the quality of the men and women who work for the department.”

Giundon’s death is the fourth line-of-duty death in the 47 years history of the department.

Recently, there was news that a woman killed a stranger and cut her foetus in Colorado.