Police have issued a warning against a violent rapist found in Brisbane after he failed to reach his Mount Claremont care facility. They have asked the public not to approach the man.

David Lockyer Harman has been found after absconding from Graylands Hospital. The violent rapist was imprisoned after stabbing a prison officer in the neck using a home-made knife. He was last seen on Wednesday afternoon at the care unit.

The 35-year-old is quite unpredictable and has been taking medication that helps him keep under control, police said. The convict requires medication, which was currently not available to him and hence he must not be approached at the moment.

Police released details regarding the appearance of the violent rapist at the time he absconded. The man is 172 centimeters tall and has a large build with short dark hair, and dark skin. There are tattoos on his arms as well as hands. He was last seen wearing a red Chicago Bulls singlet, Black UFC beanie, and black shoes.

Criminal Background of Violent Rapist

Harman has been involved in many violent offenses, including gang-raping a fellow inmate in 2002 at the Greenough Regional Prison. He was imprisoned for three years after the incident. The instance where he attacked a prison officer with a home-made knife took place in 2010. The victim, in this case, was a 56-year-old guard at Hakea Prison. This prompted him to face a jail term of another six years.

In 2014, he was convicted after he punched a guard at Casuarina Prison. His jail term was extended to six more months after the incident. Perth Now mentioned that the violent rapist was freed from prison in 2016 and was admitted to Graylands Hospital in early 2017. He started his treatment after he began feeling unwell.

Harman spent several weeks as the only patient accommodated in a secure six-bed ward. He was monitored by security guards all the time. His medical conditions improved after the treatment and continuous supervision. However, it was only last week when authorities decided to downgrade his security arrangements given to his bettering mental health.

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