History Channel’s historical drama series “Vikings” might have to say a goodbye to one of its major characters in Season 5. It’s been highly speculated that Clive Standen is leaving the series for another upcoming TV show. To know the truth read on.

Standen plays Ragnar’s brother Rollo. The main reason for his departure is most likely his involvement in another TV series as the lead star. The drama is a small screen adaptation of the popular film “Taken.” In the big screen version, the lead role was excelled by Irish actor Liam Neeson.

However, the rumors have recently been refuted by Standen in an interview. He clearly communicated that his supposed impending departure from “Vikings” is completely baseless.

Relevant sources reveal that since NBC made a straight-to-series order on “Taken,” Standen might need to take a break from filming in Ireland for “Vikings.” However, the actor said that he has no plans of quitting “Vikings” not unless Rollo’s time is up.

Standen expressed that  he currently is facing happy hard time because he is in two TV series and their production work is overlapping . He concluded that he will be doing “Taken” until October and he shall then be reprising his role in  “Vikings” later on in Season 5. He added that traveling between Toronto to Dublin is not a big issue for him to deal with. Movie News Guide reports.

While he won’t appear the first few episodes of Season 5, he will be there in the rest of the episodes until someone finally kills off his Rollo character. At present, “Vikings” is on its midseason hiatus for Season 4. The fans would be curious to watch how the second half of the season will manage to show the short absence of Rollo.

Master Herald pointed out something logical about the whole confusion that can’t be overlooked. Before the start of the fourth season of “Vikings” this year, the rumors were making rounds that the season 4 would be the final year for actor Travis Fimmel, who plays King Ragnar Lothbrok in the show. However, later on, the news proved to be a hoax because the actor is still in the cast of  the show. In fact, from the looks of it, he is likely to stay on the show until the 20th and final episode of Season 4.

Going by the trend, it is just a publicity stunt to increase the ratings of the show?