There is a recent buzz that actor Travis Fimmel is not reprising his role as Ragnar Lodbrok in Vikings Season 5.  What led to his departure? Does he have any creative differences with the channel or is there something else? Here are some logical explanations.

As earlier, it was touted that Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lodbrok would meet his last in the current season of this historical series.  The death news of this fearless monarch has been confirmed by Christian Daily.

Historians mentioned two different accounts of Ragnar Lodbrok’s death. The first one says the powerful king was detained by his enemy, King Ælla of Northumbria. Ragnar was killed after being thrown into a pit of snakes. His sons bloodily avenged him by marching into England with the Great Heathen Army. The second theory conveys that Ragnar met his last after suffering from a combination of cholera and wounds he sustained from trying to invade Paris. However, how the series is going to feature Ragnar Lodbrok’s death is yet to be seen.

The question is this: who will be replacing him in Vikings Season 5 as the leader of Kattegat?

The presumptuous dame Lagertha:

Many sources have learned that Lagertha and Aslaug will fight it out for the throne. Why? There are two convincing theories supporting the battle. First, Lagertha will be in search of revenge against her long-time romantic rival. Second, the Viking shield maiden was, and always will be, the favored Queen of Kattegat.

Ivar the Boneless:

Meanwhile, the initial previews also suggest that before he leaves for Valhalla, the Viking ruler Ragnar will be helping his son Ivar ascend to power. Of course this makes sense and it goes perfectly in line with the Vikings history.

Since Bjorn heads to conquer the Mediterranean and the rest of his offspring are not worthy enough to be Ragnar’s successor, Ivar the Boneless is the only natural choice to ascend the throne and head Kattegat, according to Inquisitr. He might also be chosen on the basis of his wisdom, cunning and mastery of strategy.

The news of Travis Fimmel may not be a moment of joy for his fans but they will soon see him appearing in a series of Hollywood projects like Finding Steve McQueen, where he will be sharing the screen with Kate Bosworth and Forest Whitaker.

For more updates on Vikings Season 5, stay tuned!