The historical drama Vikings has been renewed for Season 5. The latest updates about the show are pretty interesting. Vikings Season 5 spoilers reveal that it is the last for Ragnar Lothbrok, and his heirs will soon be outmaneuvered by  Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ King Alfred.  Does that mean that the next season is all about King Alfred who puts a historic end to the Ragnar Lothbrok era?

Vikings Season 5 is approaching fast, and now fans are clamoring for some updates about the show. The great news is the inclusion of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the next season. In fact, it has also been anticipated that Meyers will play King Alfred the Great and his character will be an iconic one in bringing down the Ragnar Lothbrok reign.

End of Ragnar Lodbrok era and the aftermath:

Previously, sources like Christian Daily confirmed that Travis Fimmel’s Ragnar Lodbrok would meet his last in Vikings’ current installment. The reason for his death is not yet revealed.  Who will be his worthy successor?

Since Bjorn heads to triumph over the Mediterranean, Ivar the Boneless is the only natural choice to ascend the throne and head Kattegat. However, it looks like Ivar the Boneless won’t be able to hold on to the position for long. Why? It is because of a new rising threat on the horizon called King Alfred (Alfred) the Great, or King of Wessex.

Who is King Alfred the Great?

King Alfred is the illegitimate son of Princess Judith and Athelstan. In history, this character held a great significance. Not only did he defend England from Viking invasion but also paved the way for the future unity of his land. That’s why speculations are high that he could defeat Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons and the Great Heathen Army.

We would like to remind our readers that in 868, Alfred is recorded as fighting beside Æthelred in an unsuccessful attempt to keep the Great Heathen Army, led by Ivar the Boneless, out of the adjoining Kingdom of Mercia. Now that the series is completely in line with history, we can expect an eventful downfall of the Vikings.

Does that mean King Alfred will kill Ivar the Boneless for attacking Wessex in Vikings Season 5? Will Ivar the Boneless bite the dust?

Well, nothing has been confirmed yet. If the story follows historical facts, then stakes are high for Ragnar Lothbrok’s offspring in Vikings Season 5. How will King Alfred take over? Will Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ character be the show stealer?

To learn the truth, tune in to Vikings Season 4 returning on The History Channel on November 30 at 9 p.m. EST.