The midseason finale of Vikings Season 4 was a bloody surprise of sorts as brothers Ragnar and Rollo pit themselves and their armies against one another.

Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel) led his Viking army to battle against his traitorous brother Rollo (Clive Standen). Although they vowed that only one of them would remain standing after their fight. Both survive at the end of the day, with Ragnar going for a hasty retreat after seeing the critical condition of his soldiers. Ragnar returned to Kattegat with his wounded pride, and Rollo returned to Paris a victor.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Hirst added that this isn’t Rollo and Ragnar’s last clash.

“He continues to be a part of the story and it’s just that the story keeps on growing. He’s now a duke, a powerful figure in France,” Hirst stated.

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The midseason finale of Vikings Season 4 takes a huge time leap in the middle, moving years forward to a time where Ragnar’s sons have grown to young manhood. Ragnar was gone for years until he finally returns to town. He then dares his children to kill him to prove that they’re worthy of assuming his throne.

Despite this rather confusing episode in Vikings Season 4—no explanation for Ragnar’s lengthy disappearance and no background on what the children were up to during his absence—it appears to pave way for the transition into Vikings: The Next Generation, wherein the story will now center on Ragnar’s progeny. According to Variety, it will follow the course of history as well, since it is told that Ragnar was succeeded by his children, including Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig).

So what does this mean for the Lodbrok clan in the coming episodes? Vikings creator Michael Hirst revealed that issues of power and supremacy will tense things up in the family.

Although Ragnar had impressed that he has returned it wouldn’t be easy for him. Kattegat has changed so much while he was gone, and the kids aren’t exactly happy to see daddy return home.

“Some of the sons are prepared to accept what happened to Ragnar. There are other sons who are implacably pissed off with him, that he’s betrayed them,” Hirst told Entertainment Weekly.

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Hirst hinted, however, that even if Ragnar is killed off along the series it wouldn’t be the end of the show. Perhaps that could indicate that Vikings would power through with Ragnar’s heirs taking center stage.

And so Ragnar poses his ultimate challenge: “Who wants to be king?”