According to latest buzz, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, has been selected for a role in “Vikings,” the epic adventure and family saga. The actor, who is famed for his regal role in “The Tudor,” will be a part of the History Channel popular series for Season 5.

Nothing is revealed about his character yet and there is no news about his role in season 5 of  “Vikings.” Going by the present narratives in season 4, it is just possible that Meyers will be an English or French character as a Viking. With the previous approval from Michael Hirst, the Vikings will head towards the Mediterranean and Spain, later on, in season 4 and through into season 5.

Is it likely Meyers will play a Spanish character? As per an essay by Victor Manuel on Viking missions, the Vikings reach Spanish grounds almost around the time of civil battle between Charles the Bald and his nephew Peppin II. Could Jonathan Rhys Meyers possibly play one of these characters? Only time will reveal says Inquisitr.

Michael Hirst is the creator and sole writer of “Vikings” which is a family legend that tells the amazing story of raiders and explorers of the Dark Ages, their lives and great adventures.

Jonathan will also be seen in “Roots,” a mini-series in the month of May on History network. The show is based on Alex Haley’s story about an African slave that was sold to the Americas.

Instead of five episodes into its Season 4 run, “Vikings” has been renewed for Season 5. As with the supersized, split current season, the new cycle will span 20 episodes as well as add Jonathan Rhys Meyers to the cast, quoted TV Line

.While production on “Vikings” Season 5 will begin this summer, the premiere will be a 2017 date.