The first half of Vikings Season 4 might have ended a couple of months ago but fans are still speculating what the rest of the season has in store for them. Where would Episode 11 find TV’s favorite Viking raiders?

Production for the rest of Season 4 has already started. According to the Reporter Times, there might be a new King of Kattegat when the next episode comes around. The mid-season wrapped up with the sound defeat of the Norsemen at the hands of the Parisians. The current King of Kattegat then challenged his son Bjorn to kill him if he really wanted to take the throne.

This will force the Norse king’s son to choose between his disgraced father and the kingship. There is speculation that the son might just choose the kingship because “he hates his father now.” Will Bjorn really end up ruling over Kattegat? This has not yet been confirmed. Stay tuned for updates.

Ragnar Lothbrok might also stir things up next season. According to the International Business Times, his sons might not take his return too well.

Meanwhile, series creator Michael Hirst denied rumors of the show’s cancellation. “By the time we finish shooting season five in a couple of weeks, I’ll have written 70 hours of Vikings,” Hirst told History Extra. “There was no difficulty with the raw material because it’s a very rich area of history.”

The show’s creator said they could very well keep going. “I have not been lost for material or been scratching around for a storyline… not for a moment,” he added. “We’re dealing with the explosion of the Vikings into western Europe, and onwards into Iceland and Greenland and the Mediterranean.”

Hirst also hinted at where the show might venture off next.  “There’s still a long way to go,” he said. Personally, I would like to carry on until the Vikings discover America. But that may be another story.”

History Channel has not confirmed a premiere date for the show’s next installment. But fans expect the second half of Vikings Season 4 to return to the small screen later this year.