The viral video of the rubber head challenge will make you glued to the screen the whole day.

The game involved two people. They have to blow the rubber glove like a balloon but this time, the glove has to be worn on the face covering the nose. The air has to be blown with the help of the nose and the mouth.

The one who wins the challenge has to compete with other 80 people.

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The first round included Oli White TV vs Ex-Roommate. Oli’s glove was torn in an attempt to cover his face while Ex-Roommate was still struggling with the balloon. Oli was given the second glove which was again torn, and this continued till he tore Ex-Roommate’s glove.

The second round included Hot One vs Pierce. Hot one’s glove just grew bigger and bigger and then it burst while Pierce’s balloon did not work.

The third round included Hot One vs Ex-Roommate. Hot One seems like a pro in this game. His glove, just like in the second round, grew bigger and bigger and so was the case this time with Ex-Roommate. Hot One had one of the largest gloves till Ex-Roommate just pinched it–and it burst.

The fourth round was between Oli White TV and Lord Pierce. This time again Pierce’s glove tore and he even tore the glove of Oli. They were given the second glove. Pierce’s glove grew bigger than Oli’s. Pierce suffocated and the balloon just shrunk. Oli again tore Pierce’s glove.

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The video was uploaded on March 13, 2016, by Thatcher Joe, a 24-year-old guy and a Youtube sensation. The video has over 1,162,089 views.

Watch the video below: