A video showing a Briton verbally abusing a Muslim woman in a niqab at a store in West London prompted the Scotland Yard to investigate the issue as a potential hate crime. The black man called the woman “Batman” in public and asked his own children to guess the woman’s sex.

Ahlam Saed, 25, said the row took place at the Shepherd Bush’s store, where she went to buy some sweets. The man called her “Batman” and swore at her while repeatedly asking why she is wearing the niqab, the full-face veil.

Saed said she heard the man humming the theme song from the Batman cartoon when she arrived, the Mail Online reported. The man then told her daughters, “Look kids, Batman has walked in.”

He then added, “Say what you want girls, she won’t understand English anyway.”

Saed decided to capture video of the man at this point. In the video, the man asked Saed, “How do they know if you’re a man or a woman?”

The man even gave example of a white girl he knew, who married a Muslim man and had ISIS flag on her back wall.

Saed posted the video on Youtube and commented, “I told him [the suspect] he is ignorant and that his kids will be ignorant also if he doesn’t change his way and attitude. He kept going on so I decided to record him and he was aware of this.”

After the video was circulated on social media, the Met Police announced that it will be investigating the hate crime and asked Saed to come forward.

“Police in Hammersmith and Fulham are aware of footage being shown on social media of a woman being verbally abused by a man in what appears to be a hate-crime related incident,” it said in a statement.

The man was aware that he was being filmed according to Saed. But she recorded him as he kept going on, the Independent reported.