A baby in Victoria has been born weighing at 6.06 kilograms or 13.5 pounds. The baby, born on Tuesday, has been named Brian Junior. The baby is the fourth child of Natashia Corrigan. According to the mother, when she saw her 57 cm long baby, she was shocked.

The baby is apparently double the size of an average baby in Australia. The baby was delivered in Mercy Hospital for Women in Heidelberg, in Melbourne’s northeast, The Age reveals.  According to nurse Julie Kane, this baby is the biggest baby born at the hospital so far. The mother gave birth to the baby naturally despite his size, which is actually also the first time she give birth naturally.

“I dreamed of a little fat baby,” Corrigan told 7News in an interview. “I’ve always wanted a little fat baby and now I’ve got a big baby.” Nevertheless, the mother’s partner Brian Liddle also told 7News that the baby’s birth was scary. Thankfully, everyone was fine.

When Corrigan was told that her baby could be the biggest baby born in Victoria, she said it was awesome. She adds that she did not think he would be this big and she is still in shock. According to reports, Brian Junior is just one kilogram heavier than Corrigan’s last child. The mother was thankful that the hospital staff helped her a lot when delivering this huge baby.

“They kept me strong and calm when it seemed like chaos was happening around me,” the mother added. “Because he was so big it was a bit hard to get him out, and they had to get a few extra staff members to come in and help. This is the first pregnancy I’ve got to experience with a natural labor, the longest I’ve ever been pregnant and I’ve got the fat little man that I wanted.”