A Victorian toddler has died following the fall of a bookcase on him at his family home without warning.

The tragic event that took the life of the three-year-old who was a “perfect child”, as described by relatives, will be investigated by the state coroner. Toddler Blake Shaw was at his family’s farmhouse located at southwest Horsham’s Clear Lake when the accident occurred. He was playing on the floor when the bookcase fell on him. The toddler’s parents were struggling last night to understand and accept the sudden death of their kid.

According to reports, the boy was at a distance from the bookcase and was not at all trying to climb it when the object fell on him. The family members indicated that it was not possible for it to have fallen without a hard push. They suspected the object placed at the corner might have been pushed hard against the wall.

His father Tim Shaw and mother Kirstie said that their son was adorable.  “The worst thing the kid ever did was smile,’’ Tim said. “We moved for the kids.”

Reports stated that emergency crews were called at the spot on Monday night to revive the boy but he still died. Grandmother Dianne Shaw said that she enjoyed a Portland beachside journey with her grandson the very day the accident took place. She shared a picture of the trip along with her first experience of being called “grandma” by her grandson.

Family members have been trying to console the parents for the sudden loss of the kid. ANN understands that they moved to their farmhouse almost six months ago only to give their kids a better life.

Grandfather Graham Shaw told The Herald Sun he rushed to the place from Melbourne to be beside the family in such a distressful situation. He said that the Victorian toddler had been very fond of lollies and loved to play with five family dogs the most.