Passengers continue to face transportation issues for the second day in a row on Wednesday with the cancellation of more than 60 regional trains in Victoria due to lack of maintenance.

The Victorian government has revealed that gate safety problems have caused cancellation of hundreds of regional trains this week. It added that the issue is nothing new but it has been a problem for the past five years.

V/Line trains have not been allowed to run on Melbourne tracks following the VLocity train failure in triggering boom gates and warning signals at Dandenong on Friday. The Ballarat and Geelong line were exceptions though. The ban prompted several passengers to switch to Metro services available in the outer suburbs of the city.

Acting Victorian Premier James Merlino told AAP reporters that V/Line, a government agency, has been asked to work on the issue immediately. He added that keeping the V/Line at halt is not a good option for the passengers across the city.

V/Line trains have wheel maintenance issues as well that led to the cancellations. As a result of this, regional residents have to take forced leaves as they couldn’t get into the city. Acting Public Transport Minister Luke Donnellan said that a similar incident took place in 2011 in which V/Line trains failed to trigger crossing levels. “We’re furious and we need to get to the bottom of this and we will,” he said as quoted by the ABC.

“What’s been identified in the report was incidents in 2011 and ’12. It’s disappointing that that was the trigger to take action and comprehensively nothing was done.”

Greens leader Greg Barber has asked for inquiry into the safety issues. He said that the train network of Melbourne running since the 19th century needs to be upgraded in a modern way. Social media websites have seen anxious response to the train cancellations where a wave of anger among commuters is easily visible.