An environment regulator has issued a warning declaring five Melbourne beaches as unsafe for use as they contain faecal bacteria. Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has declared that the quality of waters in five Melbourne beaches is quite poor. The five beached include St Kilda, Port Melbourne, Mentone, Werribee South and Frankston.

EPA said that all the named beaches are situated close to either large waterways or stormwater drains. The office tested the beaches’ waters on Tuesday and concluded that the level of entercocci has severely increased. The presence of entercocci symbolizes the faecal contamination. The fear of swimmers using Melbourne beaches being ill becomes stronger. Hence, the authorities have now requested swimmers to avoid dipping into the discolored, contaminated water.

“We have indicators we look for (in water tests), which is an indicator of faecal contamination, which is a really nice way of saying poo,” the EPA’s Dr Anthony Boxshall told a reputed news outlet. “It’s bird poo, it’s horse poo, it’s cow poo and it’s people poo.”

36 Melbourne Beaches Tested For Quality– 28 Good, 3 Fair

On the other hand, the authorities believe that the beaches in Mordialloc, Sandringham and Williamstown were of a fair quality. It was only last week when authorities doubted the quality rating of 36 Melbourne beaches. Out of them, 28 beaches have been given a clean chit on Tuesday. On the other hand, five of the waters have been declared unsafe.

According to, EPA has urged beachgoers to go through the list of quality rating forecasts for the beach waters. It stated that the elderly and children are more prone to gastro risk because of the contaminated water. In addition, the regulator has also suggested swimmer to sign up for twice daily SMS alert. This will give them the quality updates regarding Melbourne beaches and warn them before they dip into the waters.

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