Victoria Police will be equipped with body cameras and tablets to reduce the time spent on paper works in the office. The armored vehicles and advanced technology will help Victoria police fight against all sorts of crimes as well as uplift its position as a national leader.

Body-worn cameras, tablets and other IT equipment will be provided for the whole police force following the recommendation of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

On Sunday, Premier Daniel Andrews announced the $596 million Public Safety Package in the law and order counter piece of the Victorian state budget. The package also includes an addition of 300 more frontline officers, 106 specialist police and 52 support personnel.

Moreover, new Special Operation Group officers will be a recruited to respond to incidents involving terrorists. A heavy armored  vehicle and three new bullet-proof vehicles will also be provided.

Andrews said, “We promised to deliver everything Victoria Police need to keep Victorians safe and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Hundreds more police and new state-of-the-art technology will mean those already on the front line have the support they need.”

The chief police commissioner Graham Ashton said that the move would help the Victoria police in dealing with many challenges ahead, reported SBS.

“There has been an increase in gangs operating in Victoria … and the task force (focusing on reducing gangs) will be doubled,” he informed reporters.

He also noted, “The investment in technology that we are seeing today, we haven’t seen the likes of that since the introduction of the radio cars.”

According to, the tablets that will be provided to them will help in reducing the trouble of faxing police reports and transcribing them. With lesser office tasks, the police can now respond to cases more quickly. The gadget will also give officers the capability to access more information regarding offenders and victims of crimes.

“With police numbers today virtually the same as when the coalition left office, today’s announcement will only go some of the way to make up for Daniel Andrews’ neglect of Victoria Police,” Opposition police spokesperson Ed O’Donohue commented on the move.

According to a recent report, Victoria police had been given the fastest Mercedes GLE63 MNG SUV dubbed “The Guardian” worth $200,000.