A mystery girl, who was considered to be in danger, was found “safe and well” in Australia. A desperate nationwide search for the mystery girl took place in the midst of concerns about her safety.

Victoria Police received a blurry photograph of this girl on Thursday evening. However, they have not yet revealed the exact location where the child was found.

“A warrant has been executed, but no arrests have yet been made,” Victoria police said in a statement.

Police, in rare cases, publicly release such an image of a child who is a component of an investigation. Victoria Police released the two blurry images of the little girl on Tuesday, in a strange case.

Police investigation is still in progress but no arrests have been made. They had also asked for the public’s help to identify who she is, says Daily Mail.

“Police would like to thank the public and media for their assistance,” police said.

Police could not offer any further details about the case as well as the type of the investigation due to “operational reasons.” “As the matter is currently under investigation, we cannot release further information at this stage,” they said.

The two indistinct images of the mystery girl, probably stills from video, were thought to have been taken on May 24, 2015. The word is that the images of the girl are connected to a child exploitation case and it was reported that police had been looking for her for about 12 months.

Detectives believe that the images show the mystery girl in a well furnished apartment with large windows overlooking a city skyline or other tall structures.

In the photo there’s a television behind the girl. An AFL game was being telecast on the television, which made police to believe she was in Australia.

The game was between Melbourne and the Western Bulldogs and served as an important timing clue for investigators, according to Herald Sun.

There were personal effects on shelves behind the girl inside the image. The little girl is being considered to be between the ages of four to six, when she was photographed.