The State Emergency Service authorities have issued a warning asking Hamilton resident to evacuate the area to remain safe from heavy Victoria floods #vicfloods.

The southwest region of the state is expected to see the collapse of temporary flood level, leading to the imposition of a considerable threat to lives and properties. The floodwaters, as a result, might rise along with other rivers across the state.

The predictions have led to a call for evacuation if almost 45 homes and businesses close to Apex Drive, Abbott Street, and Holden Street situated along the Grangeburn River. An SES spokesman confirmed that water has started to spill over a levee of Apex Park and hence the temporary setting is expected to collapse very soon. Those who have already left the place have been requested not to return to Hamilton until safety is assured.

According to reports, there is a relief center that has been set up to the Hamilton Indoor Leisure and Aquatic Club for assisting people in need.

Besides the above-mentioned places, Ballarat’s west Skipton and Mount Emu Creek are the respective residential and business area that are under direct threat of the levee destruction. David Baker from SES claimed that the risk of flash flooding still persisted. “There’s still some rain in the atmosphere that will come down. That will have impacts as it consolidates with the rainfall that’s already hit the ground,” he said as quoted by the ABC.

“Victorians just need to be aware, the state is saturated. Any rain that we’re getting at the moment has the potential to cause us some issues,” he added referring to Victoria floods.

Where Victoria has received rain over a month’s worth in just two days, Melbourne has received a similar alert to remain safe from flash flooding expected to hit the city. The catchment areas across Melbourne, including Yarra Rivers, Maribyrnong, Dandenong Creek and Werribee, are under direct threat of floods.