Several bushfire threats  on Victoria’s Surf Coast have forced 99% of the three communities around the area to evacuate their homes.

Authorities have surmised that Wye River bushfire might just flare up again due to high temperature and wind.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted maximum of 35C for New Year’s Eve and the wind will be 35 km/h.  Severe fire disaster is predicted for South Gippsland, Central and West and South West.

Country Fire Authority (CFA) has advised  residents of the three districts to get ready with their bushfire survival plan. They have also urged the people to monitor the fire through the local radio station or government sites like and The people living around the affected areas were advised to call triple zero in case of emergency.

Deputy Incident Controller Mark Gunning confirmed that Hundreds of fire fighters were tirelessly preparing to handle the extreme heat on New Year’s Eve.

ABC reported that 500 firefighters were assigned and 20 more from New Zealand would join them in the coming week. It was also reported that about 100 people reside in the three communities and most of them have left due to the fire warning. The people who left said that they were well prepared and knew that this kind of situation could come up.

However, Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley said that there was a small number that had said they would stay to protect their properties from the bushfires. Lapsley assures that the authorities know where they are and the strike teams will give them complete support.

According to Otago Daily Times there is complete fire ban in South Australia on New Year’s Eve. Nevertheless, the ban is not going to affect Adelaide and they will be able to enjoy fireworks in different events.

A warning has been issued for the areas that have total fire ban. It is illegal to light camp fires and use sparklers and solid fuel barbecues during the duration of this ban in these areas.