Is Victoria Beckham reviving her music career? Last week, a demo disc was auctioned on eBay, which has eventually made its way to YouTube. The demo disc is Beckham’s hip-hop album “Come Together.”

Victoria Beckham briefly collaborated with Damon Dash of Roc-A-Fella Records for her “Come Together” album. The R&B kind of pop album was leaked by someone on YouTube and SoundCloud. However, it was recorded way back in 2003 and binned later. All the VB fashion fans can stay calm as the glam queen is not reviving her music career.

According to Mirror, the album has a total of 17 demo tracks. These include collaborations with M.O.P and Ol’ Dirty Bastard. However, the tracks are not complete, but one can’t help but be happy that Posh Spice moved to a different career and trashed the album altogether.

The Muse explains that one of the tracks called “Dat Simple” has Beckham sounding a bit like Betty Davis with an acute case of anemia. Daily Mail reveals that this is not the only solo music project for Posh Spice. Following the disbanding of Spice Girls, Beckham worked on having a solo music career.

Her collaboration with Dash came after hits like “You’re Out of Your Mind” and “Not Such an Innocent Girl.” Dash, who has a track record of working with the likes of Jay Z, partnered with her on “Let Your Head Go/This Groove,” which reached the number three spot on the UK charts.

However, Victoria Beckham chose to move into the fashion industry later on and now has made a name for herself. She has distanced herself from her musical past and is tight-lipped about the Spice Girls reunion. Beckham, who was last seen on the Cannes red carpet, has recently been in the news over rumours about her divorce from husband David Beckham. However, she has not made any comments about it so far.