Versailles season 2 opens up with a bang by shocking viewers with graphic nude and sex scenes in the first half of the premiere episode.

According to the Daily Mirror, the nude and sex scenes starts just minutes into the episode of Versailles season 2 involving George Blagden (who plays Louis XIV) and Alexia Giordano. But then again, there are seven more nude and sex scenes before the hour is over.

“Queen Marie-Therese will be seen with a dwarf up her skirt and a minute later Swiss star Noémie Schmidt will set temperatures rising when she emerges from a lake in a completely see-through dress,” the article said.

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Christopher Stevens, who wrote a review for Mail Online, said that Versailles is actually a copycat of The Tudors which was shown on BBC due to the graphic nature of the sex scenes. He also warned that the sex and nude scenes in Versailles season 2 episode 1 is just a taste of what’s to come. There’s another scene which is described as a “mortuary porn” when the daughter of the doctor inserted her arms into a body of a woman.

Fans might have gotten an introduction of the character of Sawbones (Lizzie Brochere) but they can expect more from her as she offers another layer to the whole story of Versailles season 2.

Versailles is the story of Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, who moved the court from Paris to Versailles after his monarchy is threatened by a coup. However, the lack of resources and rising rebellion strained his rule.

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Nevertheless, the formula of intrigue, sex, and nude scenes seems to work as over 1.8 million viewers tuned to the series. Despite the nudity and graphic sex scenes, Versailles season 2 only received two complaints, according to The Guardian.

The report said that the ratings are right up there for a BBC production behind Wolf Hall which generated 3.9 million viewers in 2015. However, it fared better than The Big C and Me and also Police Custody, which both earned 1.7 million viewers.