The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will be the last season in The CW’s hit supernatural show. While TVD fans hope it’s just another Mystic Falls drama, EP Julie Plec has already confirmed the sad news. TVD’s spin-off, The Originals, will be back in 2017. But what does the cast think of their friends’ goodbye?

In Season 2, Vampire Diaries fans learned about the origin of both vampires and werewolves. As Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) dished why she’s been on the run for the past centuries, the name Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has already been threatening even before his arrival. Fans met Elijah (Daniel Gillies) as well as the other Original family members come Season 3. And to fans’ delight (and most likely, demand), The Originals was born.

Fast forward to 2015 and TVD fans had to deal with Dobrev’s departure. As Vampire Diaries Season 7 struggled, there were already speculations on the show’s cancellation. Whether Dobrev’s exit had an impact on the show or not, fans have yet to find out. With the news on the show officially wrapping up in Season 8, The Originals cast has apparently something to say to their friends.

The cast did say that they’d miss TVD “everyday,” E! News wrote. But their exact parting words? “Bye Felicia.” Of course, we know they’re only joking.

When asked about The Originals Season 4, here’s what Morgan said: “We don’t know who is going to get killed with a baseball bat, we’re all kneeling down in front of the camper”. Definitely, another one of their jokes as this statement has to do something with The Walking Dead season 7. Apparently, it seems Morgan and the gang are also looking forward to find out Negan’s victim or victims. We bet fans are more curious if Nina Dobrev will return to TVD or not.

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will premiere on October 21, 8.p.m. on The CW. While The Originals Season 4 will return on the small screen in 2017.