It looks like Nina Dobrev will indeed be part of Vampire Diaries Season 8. Reports mentioned of a new proof that sort of confirmed the actress’ comeback. Should this be official, what would likely be the impact of her return to the show?

Throughout her presence on The Vampire Diaries, Salvatore brothers have done everything to protect Elena Gilbert. Stefan and Damon did everything to save her from Katherine Pierce, Klaus Mikaelson, and all the big baddies who shook up Mystic Falls. However, Kai was the exception. This villain was quite smart to become one step ahead of the gang. He put a sleeping spell onto Elena and tied her to Bonnie. If Bonnie dies, Elena wakes up. Damon didn’t want to lose Elena but he can’t also afford to lose his friend.

In April, Kat Graham seemed to have hinted Nina’s return. The actress told fans that the eighth season will be her last. Fans knew that if Kat permanently leaves the show, Nina’s character will soon wake up from her sleeping coma. But during the Comic Con 2016, fans didn’t expect that Kat will leave the show together with the rest of the cast and crew. Vampire Diaries Season 8 will be the last in The CW’s hit supernatural show.

Julie Plec knows that Nina Dobrev’s return is highly essential to the show’s final season.

“We backed Julie [Plec] in her decision…there are discussions going on with Nina, we’d love to have her back…These are discussions that go on, hopefully she’ll be back, but should it not work out, Julie has planned out a great series finale for fans,” CW boss Mark Pedowitz earlier said.

Now, reports revealed that there’s proof that Nina will indeed return. Her IMDb page showed that she will appear in Episode 17 of the eighth season. Based on the details, her appearance on the show will be in 2017.

Is Nina finally returning to Vampire Diaries Season 8? Check out the photo below:

So if Elena Gilbert wakes up, will she fall for Damon or head back to Stefan? What will happen to Bonnie? And, will she remain as human? These are just some of the burning fan questions for Vampire Diaries Season 8.