The end seems to be near for “Vampire Diaries.” Rumours of a cancellation have been circulating for a while now. Will the show’s former star, Nina Dobrev, come back to complete her story before then? Will Elena really return before Vampire Diaries Season 7’s finale?

Dobrev now has more time to make her comeback on the show. According to Movie News Guide, it has been renewed for an eighth season. Is a Delena reunion on the horizon now?

Dobrev last appeared on the series in Season 6. The actress left to pursue other projects. Her character, meanwhile, was shown to have fallen into a coma-like slumber. And she will only come back to life if another character, Bonnie, dies. US Weekly earlier suggested that this might happen sooner than later. “Season 8 will be my last season,” Kat Graham, the actress who plays Bonnie, told US Weekly. It has yet to be confirmed if Bonnie will indeed die. But her exit might just allow Elena to return before the series finale. Will Dobrev return even before Vampire Diaries Season 7 ends? Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, another character seems to be on the brink of death. In last week’s episode, Rayna seems to have agreed to give up her life for Bonnie’s. However, actress Leslie-Anne Huff thinks her character still has fight left in her. “I think she’s always going to have fight left in her,” Huff told Hypable, “I think that last scene was more about all those names; just getting all of those names and voices and images out of her head. By doing that, it almost ran her ragged and that’s why she’s on the floor shaking and sort of just, like, spent.” Is Rayna really about to die? Fans have to wait for the April 29 episode to find out.