Amidst all rumors surrounding “Vampire Diaries” stars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, there are reports which claim that Dobrev refuses to work with her former flame. If the two won’t consider working together on the show, will this be a possible cancellation of TVD?

Celeb Dirty Laundry reported that the Bulgarian-Canadian actress intimated that she won’t be back on the show if she has to work with Ian again. According to the site, Nina has taken “a couple of subtle jabs” at Ian when she announced that she’s more careful of choosing her roles.

The site mentioned that Ian has no problems with Nina’s refusal to return on “The Vampire Diaries.” But because the show’s ratings has dropped badly ever since she left, Nina Dobrev is badly needed on the show.

According to Yibada, Ian Somerhalder was slammed by TVD fans for using his former co-star. The actor may have used Nina to promote TVD’s seventh season. The site mentioned that in the past weeks, the two stars have been linked to each other once again.

In an interview with E! News, Ian told Delena shippers not to worry about Damon and Elena’s separation. He assured fans that although Damon is separated from the love of his life, he’s still having a blast.

The American actor said,

“All I can say about that is that they were great characters separate, they were great characters together, and they remain great characters separated.”

After Nina Dobrev left, there were reports that some TVD cast members wanted Nina back. The cast preferred Nina’s “friendliness” to Ian’s “diva behaviour.” Ian was reported to enjoy the spotlight on TVD despite the show’s ratings going down.

As mentioned on Celeb Dirty Laundry, the show’s new time slot hinted a possible cancellation of the show. But as the arrow points to Damon Salvatore’s death on TVD, will Ian Somerhalder leave so Nina Dobrev can return on “The Vampire Diaries”?

“The Vampire Diaries” airs on CW every Thursday at 8 PM. Starting on January 29, 2016, the show will move to its new time slot – Friday at 8 pm.