A major character has been rumoured to die in the upcoming episode 16 of “The Vampire Diaries.”

The episode was directed by Ian Somerhalder, who also plays the role of Damon Salvatore in the series, Melty reported. The official synopsis of the episode teased that Damon will sacrifice himself and offer to have his brother’s scar to save Stefan from Rayna.

Melty recalled that in the previous episode, the gang continued in their mission to take down Rayna. Each time Rayna dies and regenerates, one of the Eight Everlastings’ body decays. Only two bodies left and Enzo said that once all were destroyed, Rayna would die for good. However, if Rayna dies for good, it will also kill anyone marked with the Phoenix Stone sword. Stefan has the marking.

The synopsis of episode 16 reads: “In an attempt to make things right with his brother, Damon offers to have Stefan’s scar magically transferred to him, only to discover that doing so may come with unexpected consequences. With time running out and Rayna closing in on Stefan, Valerie desperately attempts to reason with Damon before it’s too late. Elsewhere, after being framed for breaking Rayna out of The Armory, Enzo attempts to clear his name, but not before a violent run-in with Nora forces him to make an upsetting discovery.”

CW also released the trailer for the upcoming episode, in which Rayna was seen telling Stefan that the only way he could be free is if he lets his brother go, Design N Trend reported.

“Are you finally ready to leave Damon behind?” Rayna asked him. “Yes,” Stefan replied.

Does this mean Damon will die? It was previously reported Somerhalder hinted that season seven may be the last time he will play the vampire character in “Vampire Diaries.”

Meanwhile, this is the second TVD episode that Somerhalder directed. On his Instagram account, the actor shared photos during and after he finished filming the episode.

The first episode of TVD that Somerhalder directed was “The Downward Spiral” in season six.

Don’t miss “The Vampire Diaries” episode 16 on April at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.