Is “Vampire Diaries” coming to an end? With Damon and Stefan Salvatore still trapped inside the Phoenix stone, could things get worse?

Executive Producer Julie Plec told E! News her plans on wrapping up the series. Will Season 7 be the last season? Here’s what Plec said:

“I finally realized that my destiny on this show, creatively, is tied in to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. And I mean that in a really good way. As long as those boys who I now consider my friends want to keep telling the story, then I won’t walk away from telling the story.”

So, it’ll be up to the Salvatore brothers. It was previously reported that a Salvatore will face a shocking death. But although the arrow points to Damon, will Stefan die too?

Nonetheless, Plec told the site that fans can expect “the best possible ending” for “Vampire Diaries.”

She added,

“When they are ready to be done telling the story, I will put my pencil down and say that I’m done too, and then we will work together to end it in the best way possible. There’s always things that could go wrong in that scenario, there’s always pressure that can be put on but…the three of us I’d like to think will make the creative decision of when the show should be over.”

Rumours on the show’s possible cancellation sparked after Nina Dobrev left last season. It was reported that the TVD cast wants her back on set as they prefer her “friendliness” to Ian’s “diva behaviour.” However, there were no confirmed reports on Nina’s return.

But without Nina in the picture, the Salvatore brothers will have to decide.

“When those boys decide that they’re done telling stories — which could be tomorrow and could be a year from now or two years from now or whatever — I need to be done,” Plec told Variety.

Do you think the show’s about to end? Should they convince Nina to return?

“The Vampire Diaries” returns on January 29, Friday, 8PM on The CW.