The hardest scene Ian Somerhalder ever had to shoot in “The Vampire Diaries” involves his ex, Nina Dobrev. This, the actor revealed in a recent blog post for a Hollywood website.

Writing for Entertainment Weekly, the actor recalled the most difficult scenes he had to film as Damon.

“Episode 14 of Season 2. It’s when Damon is lying in the road, and the girl Jessica pulls up. She gets out of the car looking at this peculiar scene, a man lying in the middle the road drinking out of a flask…He is so distraught, missing being human, but he can tell no one his true feelings unless he compels them and kills them,” he wrote. The actor did not have to shoot with Dobrev in this scene. However, it happened when Damon was madly in love with Dobrev’s character Elena. But Elena, at the time, was still dating Damon’s brother Stefan, played by Paul Wesley.

“It was such a cathartic scene for me to shoot,” the actor added. However, that was not the only scene Somerhalder found difficult to shoot. “A very close second was the scene at the end of episode 10 of this season,” the actor wrote. “[It’s] when Damon tells his mom that he loves her and that he’s sorry in the battle.”

The actor recently directed one of the episodes in this season of “The Vampire Diaries.” In the same blog post, he called his directorial experience as “the MOST eye-opening experience.” He said he now has a better appreciation for “HOW MUCH work goes on behind the scenes to make even five minutes of screen time — much less an entire season!”

Meanwhile, Dobrev might be joining the “Vampire Diaries” spin-off. According to Movie News Guide, the actress might soon regularly appear in “The Originals.” But this has yet to be confirmed.