“Vampire Diaries” is coming back for another season. That’s good news for fans who feared season 7 was the last for their favorite vampire drama.

Actor Ian Somerhalder has been with the show from the start — seven years to be exact. He spoke recently with E News about his time on the show.

The actor reflected on the 154 episodes he’s done to date on “Vampire Diaries”.

“I looked at myself in the mirror and I said god, man, 154 episodes, seven years of your life you’ve navigated through this, wow,” Somerhalder told the website. “It was just a quick moment of reflection,” he added.

Design & Trend also cited his interview with E! News. The website noted Somerhalder’s thoughts about the show’s upcoming eighth season. However, his comments may have hinted at his desire for Nina Dobrev to make a comeback.

“What made people fall in love with this story was its characters, not 40 of them, like eight of them, six of them – this core group of actors, of characters that really move you,” Somerhalder remarked.

He aims to bring the show back to its roots. At the same time, he wants it to focus on the main characters that really made a difference in the show.

“I want the audience to feel closer, more afraid, more in love, more in tune with these characters than they have ever been,” Somerhalder told E! News.

CW confirmed season 8 of “Vampire Diaries” along with the renewal of other network shows. In line with this, the show’s lead stars Somerhalder and Paul Wesley also renewed their contracts for another year.

News of Damon’s death triggered rumours of Somerhalder’s departure from the show. At the same time, it raised questions if Elena would finally wake up.

To date, TVD fans anticipate the premiere of episode 16, “Days of Future Past”. It is Somerhalder’s second directorial assignment for the series.