Fans fear that “The Vampire Diaries” may be cancelled following CW’s decision to move the show into a new time slot.

Celeb Dirty Laundry alleged that Ian Somerhalder is also in panic after TVD was moved to Friday time slot starting in January 2016.

According to CDL, when a show gets Friday night, it’s usually a death sentence.

“The Vampire Diaries” has enjoyed the Thursday night slot and high ratings since its premiere in 2009. However, since Nina Dobrev left the show on season six, the show’s ratings slide significantly. Ratings dropped by 33% in season seven, CDL noted.

Fans and even the cast members were reportedly clamoring for Nina’s return.

Apparently, the cast is growing tired of Ian hogging the spotlight now that Nina is out of the show.

It was reported that TVD cast wants Somerhalder fired so Dobrev could return.

Nina earlier said she has no interest in reprising her role in “The Vampire Diaries.”

She said: “That chapter is closed, sadly – bittersweet.”

Kpopstarz reported that Dobrev is also “playing hard to get” in choosing future roles and movies, allegedly due to TVD cast members’ request for her to return to the show.

In a conversation with Interview Magazine, Nina admitted she is “very, very carefully” in choosing roles in movies or in TV series after her successful stint in TVD.

She also mentioned that she wants roles that portray more substance that shy away from the teen-type of stories.

Nina said: “I don’t just want to do things that are the pretty girl with lots of makeup, I want to get into the gritty stuff and get down and dirty and dark and really feed my soul and not my vanity.”

“I only want to keep moving up and up in terms of quality and be careful with perception,” she added.