Hit supernatural drama “The Vampire Diaries” is known for dropping unexpected twists and turns on the show. As the mid-season finale approaches, it looks like the Salvatore brothers won’t have a “winter wonderland” kind of Christmas.

According to Christian Today, “Vampire Diaries” holidays will not be “danger-free.” As the brothers hunt down Julian during the holiday season, they’ll witness a “Santas’ Slay.”

The site mentioned that the brothers’ will have “a mix of eggnog and bloodbath” in their Christmas holiday. In the upcoming episode entitled “Cold As Ice,” Damon and Stefan will continue their search for their mother’s man-crush in a town outside Mystic Falls.

However, things don’t go as planned because of Damon. The elder Salvatore will be taking matters into his own hands without telling Stefan. As reported on Christian Today, spoilers point out that the consequences will change Damon & Stefan’s lives forever.

While the Salvatore brothers are busy searching for Julian, Bonnie will bond with heretic Nora at a toy drive in Whitmore College. It was reported that the two will develop an “unlikely friendship.”

Meanwhile, Caroline will be facing problems as a pregnant vampire. As such, her pregnancy struggle will be worrisome to Alaric. Do you think this episode will bring them closer?

After Lily Salvatore died in the previous episode, Yibada reported that TVD fans will see her death’s impact on the show’s mid-season finale. Fans should expect that Damon and Stefan will have a “bloody Christmas.”

According to reports, a Salvatore brother will meet a tragic fate this season. The flash-forwards in the December 3 episode showed Damon chained up at a news anchor chair. The mini stakes that pinned Damon into the chair have werewolf venom and if he doesn’t get any treatment, he’ll eventually die.

“The Vampire Diaries” mid-season finale will air on Dec. 10, 2015, Friday, at 8:00 pm on The CW.

Watch the promotional trailer of Season 7, Episode 9 here: