If you thought you had seen drama in the last episode of “The Vampire Diaries” (TVD), we would say it was only the beginning. A number of twists and new revelations are coming your way to intensify the plot.

Who can forget the flash-forwards? The moment you think Steroline is going to last forever, we are reminded of the flash-forward where Caroline, who happens to be engaged, refuses to speak to Stefan.

Along with Damon turning over a new leaf, the upcoming episode appears to have a lot of shock-factor. As if the peek into Alaric’s future wasn’t shocking enough!

On the next episode Bonnie’s (Kat Graham) new man will finally be revealed – in a flash-forward.

“The inspiration behind future Bonnie was sort of Helena Bonham Carter in ‘Fight Club’ — a little more of a bad girl, as well as someone who’s hiding a secret,” Kat Graham shared with TVLine. “It’s very different from the other flash-forwards you’ll see. Oh, and this one has the huge reveal of who I end up with!”

She also told Us Magazine that fans will also see what the current season holds for Bonnie.

“We get to see who she basically ends up with, which is very cool. And then you see a current, modern potential love interest coming this season also,” Graham revealed.

Eager fans now probably want Thursday to arrive sooner! But it doesn’t end there — Episode 5 will reveal more about Lily.

“We don’t find out everything that Lily has done, and all the ways she’s effed everybody over, until Episode 5,” she says. “There’s a huge reveal for Bonnie and Damon in that way.”

We wonder what’s in-store for Bonnie and Damon. And Alaric. With Jo resurrected now, we can’t wait for the events to unfold.

Catch Season 7 of “The Vampire Diaries” on Thursdays at 8p.m. on CW.