The excitement over the “Vampire Diaries” Season 7 upcoming episode is palpable. Dubbed as “Hell Is Other People,” the Episode 10 of the season promises a trip down the memory lane by bringing back a character that ardent “Vampire Diaries” fans may remember.

As we all know by now, being trapped inside the Phoenix Stone isn’t going to be the best experience given that fans will witness Damon coming face-to-face with his past and one character we all have seen before.

“Vampire Diaries” executive producer Caroline Dries shared with Entertainment Weekly (EW), “There’s one familiar face that the die-hard fans will recognize.” She added, “It will be a nice callback. I’m excited to see if anyone remembers what we’re talking about.”

While this only amps up the excitement, a report on Design&Trend reveals that Damon is expected to be a part of almost every scene on the 10th episode, much to the delight of his fandom.  Dries told EW, “We’ve never really done anything like it in that it very focused on Damon.” She revealed, “I think he’s in every single scene. Maybe not every single scene but a lot of scenes.”

Naturally, many have been taking guesses at what his experience will be.  As noted by Design&Trend, a fan suggested that he may come face-to-face with Elena given that he will be forced to live with his past and probably kill someone he truly loves. Many fans would hope to get a fresh glimpse of Damon and Elena together again, but that does seem highly unlikely given that he may have more skeletons in his closet than fans can ever imagine. So, the focus comes back to who could this familiar character be and we are already chalking down a list.

“Vampire Diaries” fans can share their guesses about who this character could be, in the comments section below. Catch the much-awaited Season 7 Episode 10 on Jan. 29 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.