In its seventh season, the dynamics of the TV show, “The Vampire Diaries”, has definitely changed especially with the absence of Elena Gilbert.

Elena Gilbert was played by former “Vampire Diaries” star Nina Dobrev for six seasons. Dobrev has left last season saying she doesn’t see Elena heading on to another season.

But it looks like Elena would still play a role on the show even if she’s physically absent, as confirmed by “Vampire Diaries” star Paul Wesley.

The last episode has left fans with more questions than answers particularly about the story of the heretics, the Salvatore brothers’ family history, but more importantly, where did Lily took Elena’s casket?

Christian Today notes that the two brothers will get to see more of Lily’s “seething wrath” in this week’s episode entitled, “Age of Innocence.”

In the “Vampire Diaries” promo, Lily is heard telling Damon, “You will not lay a hand on another member of my family.” Well, Mother Salvatore isn’t someone who would negotiates without getting what she wants.

But on the other hand, it looks like Damon, Bonnie and Alaric are up to something. The three have joined forces to find out how they can use the mysterious phoenix stone which according to the site, “is wanted by a lot of people.”

And Damon is quite determined to get Elena back from Lily. Without Elena, it looks like Damon would continue to kill members of Lily’s family.

Meanwhile, the younger Salvatore has to face problems of his own. It seems that someone will get in the way of the budding romance between Stefan and Caroline.

It was hinted in last week’s episode that Stefan had a relationship in 1863 with one of Lily’s heretics – Valerie, Entertainment Weekly notes. Their relationship however ended with the entrance of the famous Katherine Pierce on the scene. And it appears that Valerie is carrying a lot of baggage around.

Will Damon be able to get the Elena from Lily? What happened between Stefan and Valerie’s relationship in 1863? Stay tuned for more updates.