Not all the fans want to see Damon and Bonnie hook up on “Vampire Diaries.”

According to Design & Trend, some fans would rather see the pair fix their friendship first. This week’s episode saw Bonnie “extremely devastated” after Damon chose to go into a deep slumber rather than stay with her. Has their friendship really took a turn for the worse? Is a hook-up between the two really impossible right now?

Actor Ian Somerhalder, who plays Damon, does admit his character might have ruined things between them. “Bonnie gets consistently screwed over by this man,” the actor told TV Line. “Like Stefan, she goes to great lengths to help him, and she just gets [expletive] on as a result of it. She really, really does.”

Most fans reportedly agree with the actor. And some of them are even calling for Bonnie to ditch Damon for good. “I don’t want Bonnie with Damon!!! I want Bonnie with someone new!” a fan was quoted saying. But, according to Design & Trend, not everyone is willing to give up on their friendship just yet. Some fans want Damon to just ask for Bonnie’s forgiveness. “I could see a real future with Bamon,” one fan wrote.

Meanwhile, rumours of a cancellation have been hounding the show for quite some time now. Kat Graham, who plays Bonnie, previously said “it could be the right time” for the show to wrap up. And there have been signs that Somerhalder might feel the same way.

Is Damon’s decision to go into a deep slumber a way for the actor to leave the series? Will “Vampire Diaries” really be cancelled? Will Bonnie and Damon be able to fix their friendship before the show ends? Stay tuned for the updates.

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