It’s been a long time since members of the Mikaelson family have been around Mystic Falls or a familiar face from “The Vampire Diaries” have shared screen time with “Originals” characters.

“The Originals” is now on its third season run as the successful spin-off of the vampire (and other supernatural beings) world based on LJ Smith’s book. Yet, for fans of both TVD and TO who have been tuned in to the two shows’ shared universe, there seems to be a lack of crossovers between the two.

Although one report by Access Hollywood shows that the two can sometimes share commonalities at the same period of time (both Stefan and Klaus being forced to face lovers from their pasts), the lack of interaction between characters from the different story lines may be the cause of frustration for die-hard fans.

This issue may be so in demand that Julie Plec felt the need to answer one of the fans’ more pressing questions: Why do TVD and Original crossovers do not happen often?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Plec disclosed that their team gets into “mystical mines every now and then” wherein they need to constantly keep track of events in both shows to make sure they are not contradicting their own rules.

Since handling proper continuity is a challenge, it may be the reason why crossovers rarely happen between the two well-loved shows. In addition, as Wetpaint puts it, both shows are “dealing with their story lines and supernatural occurrences.”

Still, despite the understandable circumstances, a report from TV Line suggests that fans may have something to look forward to in terms of a crossover. As per the article, TVD executive producer Caroline Dries was quoted in saying: “We’ve been thinking about how to make it work.” Dries added that they may be able to work something out so that another crossover can finally happen.

Although an exact crossover episode may still be in the distant future, fans can catch both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals on Thursdays at The CW.