Despite “The Vampire Diaries” season 8 renewal, it’s a safe bet that fans are still mourning the (some kind of) loss of Elena Gilbert. There’s a promise that Nina Dobrev will be back come the series’ end, but that seems a long way to go. For now, we imagine five TV shows where Nina could totally fit.

1. An Inhuman in “Agents of SHIELD”

When Elena transitioned into a vampire, she earned a fierceness that wasn’t there when she was the fragile and human Elena. She also handled her newly-earned abilities well, though she lost control and turned off her humanity once. Given this background, Nina could totally fit with “Agents of SHIELD” as an Inhuman who just discovered her gifts. She could even be part of Daisy’s Secret Warriors initiative.

2. A Lakewood newcomer in “Scream”

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Supernatural beings plagued Mystic Falls. For a place where almost only Matt Donovan remained human, supernatural meant high mortality rate. Hence, Elena Gilbert suffered loss like no one ever should–and handled it eventually. Another person who shares the same experience is Emma Duvall. Nina could fit perfectly in Lakewood as a newcomer, perhaps a new friend of the Lakewood Six Five (rest in peace, Jake).

Away from “Vampire Diaries”

3. A royal-born lady in “Once Upon a Time”

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Though known for her Elena leather-jacket-jeans-and-boots look, it’s a pleasing thought to imagine Nina Dobrev dress like royalty. The “vampire Diaries” actress slays in a good dress for most of her red carpet appearances. It would certainly not hurt if she plays a character who slays a ball gown as well. She could be a princess whom Snow knows from her past.

4. Raj’s new eye-candy in “The Big Bang Theory”

Ever since Raj discovered how fun it was to–for the lack of a better term–“juggle” two women, he transformed into some sorts of ladies man. We would love to see Nina in a comedic role, and playing Raj’s eye-candy is appealing. Maybe she could teach Raj a thing or two how it’s not right to”juggle” two women.

5. A badass cop in “Criminal Minds”

“The Vampire Diaries” showed an Elena Gilbert who could hold her own against vampires, werewolves, evil witches and even doppelgangers. With the supernatural element removed, Nina could certainly play a character who holds her own against the real evils of this world. Fighting serial killers, crime rings, etc. would be a role Nina could handle in “Criminal Minds”.

Nina Dobrev’s Potential Return to TVD Angers Nikki Reed?

This list is mostly made with wishful thinking. Although fans would hope for Nina to go back to TV, she’s now pursuing a different path. If she’s not busy with movies, she’s out there having fun with her bestie, as per People.

Are you excited for Nina Dobrev’s return to “The Vampire Diaries”? What did you think of our list? Let us know in the comments.