Is Damon ready to move on from Elena Gilbert? While she’s still sleeping inside that casket, he has to live in a world separated from the love of his life. Well, Elena won’t certainly find out if Damon will go out or make out with someone, right?

According to Inquisitr, “Vampire Diaries” star Ian Somerhalder teased his character’s sex life. Somerhalder admitted the reason why the show gave him a huge bed.

“As long as he can fit up to eight sorority girls, then that’s how big we should make the bed,” he said. Is the elder Salvatore planning to have a lot of sex on the show?

The site mentioned that a new villain will be introduced on the second half of the season. This character is Rayna, a vicious vampire hunter. But no matter how evil she’ll turn out to be, she’ll eventually fall for Damon Salvatore.

Rayna will be portrayed by American actress Leslie-Anne Huff. And if there’s one thing that fans would instantly notice – she definitely looks like Elena! TVD fans will see that Huff may be mistaken as Nina Dobrev’s twin or long-lost sister.

“Vampire Diaries” EP Caroline Dries noted the resemblance of the two actresses. Although it’s purely coincidental, Caroline admitted that Huff is perfect for the role. She mentioned that the actress’ appearance “did not play a part in casting.”

Inquisitr reported that Huff’s casting was announced after rumours circulated that Ian will leave the show. In the past weeks, there were rumours that some TVD cast members wanted Nina back. However, it was speculated that both actors won’t consider working together on the show.

Do you think Damon will fall for Elena’s lookalike Rayna? That’s the question we will find out on the next half of Season 7.

Catch “The Vampire Diaries” on January 29, 2016, Friday, on The CW.