It looks like Nina Dobrev is getting ready for her next project. Will she likely star in a mermaid-themed kind of film?

Well, we can never lose hope. But no, she’s not a mermaid. However, she could be one as she had the guts to swim with sharks (22 sharks to be exact) in Hawaii.

The 26-year-old actress didn’t mind the number at all. Her goal was to help her sea creature friends.

In her post on Instagram, Nina Dobrev posted a photo with a caption: “We free dived with 22 wild sharks this morning and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!  Help us save these beautiful creatures! More underwater pictures to come!!!!”

Likewise, she tagged her friends and put hashtags including “#savesharks” and “savetheoceans.”

According to Mail Online, Nina Dobrev has been enjoying a lot of extreme activities lately. Before swimming with the sharks, the Bulgarian-Canadian actress also had sky-diving and yoga adventures.

Check out her photos below:

In this photo, Nina showed how flexible she is by demonstrating her handstand pose.


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Likewise, the former “Vampire Diaries” star also went on a trip with her boyfriend, Austin Stowell. The site mentioned that both actors are literally taking their relationship into “new heights.” The couple went skydiving on New Year’s Day.

And it looks like Nina’s totally in love that she even made a heart sign with her hands. Aaaww, ain’t it sweet?

Sending love and positivity from the top of the world! 💓🤗 #HappyHawaii🌺

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In another photo, she mentioned how much she’s excited to welcome the new year with new adventures.

Yup, Nina seems to be enjoying every bit of it. With all her adventures, don’t you think Nina would enjoy becoming a mermaid?

But despite her extreme adventures, Nina didn’t forget to share her best moments in 2015. Four of those “Best Nine” photos were snaps of Nina during her TVD days.

Rumours on Nina’s return to TVD continue to surface. With “Vampire Diaries” welcoming new characters and embracing a new plot, it seems Elena will forever be inside her casket.

But then again, we could be wrong.