USA Today bestselling author AJ Harmon is giving away free books online for Valentine’s Day 2016.

In a blog post, Harmon announced the promotion as a gratitude for all romance novel readers.

The digital copy of her “First Class Voyage” now available to download for free on most e-Readers. “First Class Voyage” is book number four in her USA Today Bestselling romance series – “First Class Novels.” The novel will be featured in BookBub on February 21, 2016.

In an interview with I love Romance Novels Online, cited by, Harmon said: “BookBub is very selective about the books and authors featured online and in the daily email newsletters. It is always s big deal to be among the amazing books recommended by BookBub.”

“With hundreds of new book being digitally published each month, it can be hard for readers to discover your books. Indie author struggle to encourage readers try their books,” she added.

Harmon chose “First Class Voyage” for her free books for Valentine’s Day promotion to revitalize her readers.

“’First Class Voyage’ is the transition book from the two older brothers’ story to the younger brothers’ search for love and happiness. It is our hope that the tens of thousands of readers who haven’t finished the series yet, will get reconnected if bribed with a free book,” she said.

Harmon now has 15 romance novels and 5 novellas available for readers to enjoy. Harmon has been a featured novelist at romance author events across the United States and regularly in included in the bestseller lists.

AJ is also known as an author who give voice to the needs of domestic violence survivors in her books and charitable activities, Newswire reported.

Know more about her romance novels and where to download her free books. Visit her website or follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Get your copy as this perk will also lasts this hearts season.