Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and we are sure you are already planning for a romantic date for your loved one.

Check out these 15 best romantic date ideas you may want to consider.

1. Prepare a Home-Cooked Dinner

They say the best way to your partner’s heart is through his stomach, and this is true. Invite your date to have a taste of your home-cooked meal or you can cook your dinner together. This Valentine’s Day idea is cheap and easy unless you are really bad in the kitchen.

2. Camping

Camping is a wonderful excuse to spend some time alone with your partner. Stay warm by the fire and end the evening with some freshly roasted smores. You can go camping in the yard, the living room or in an actual campground.

3. Exchange gifts

You can exchange gifts that may include things you couldn’t open in public or in front of mom, dad, grandma and the children, Bustle suggested.

4. Beer flight

If you are both adventurous and want to try new beer types, getting a flight at your local brewery is something you will both enjoy. Visitor7 Visitor7

5. Karaoke Night

This one is really simple. However, this may require a bit of confidence (or a lot of it) since you’ll be on stage singing your hearts out.

6. Takeout Galore

What could be more appetizing than having several kinds of dishes in front of you? This is the best alternative if the two of you have different preferences in food.

7. Suite Retreat
If you want to let someone make dinner for you but can’t stand the noisy restaurants, you can book a room at a nearby hotel and order a romantic room service dinner for two, Shape recommended. Branson Branson Branson

8. Movie Marathon

Go totally against the norm by having a horror movie marathon instead of the usual romance movies on this special occasion. You can cozy up to your date whenever you get spooked.

9. Go to The Zoo

Witness the love of the wild kingdom up close and personal. You can look for a zoo in your area that offers special treats for couples on Valentine’s Day and learn about animals and more.

10. Home Makeover

Use this day as an opportunity to collaborate with your Valentine on improving the home you share. It will feel more like your place when you’re done, Bustle wrote.

11. Get a Close-Up

Pick a scenic location near you and surprise your partner with a couple’s photo shoot.

12. Sweat Together
Couples that workout together typically have better sex lives, says Andrea Metcalf, bestselling author of Naked Fitness. Yourdon Yourdon Yourdon

13. Learn a Dance Together

No dance is sexier than the salsa, so find a salsa club or take a private lesson.

14. Give Your Love
Choose a cause you both care about.

“Nothing feels better than giving back, and it’s even better when you can share this moment,” says Mike Domitrz, founder and executive director of the Date Safe Project, an organization that deals with helping teens make smart choices when it comes to dating and intimacy. Jessica Rapir | Australia Network News

15. See the Future

Create a vision board as a couple and plan your future goals, hopes and dreams together. Shape quoted New Jersey-based psychologist Sam Von Reiche, Psy.D., as saying, “You can post pictures of your future dream house, your honeymoon or anything that reminds you how truly grateful you are for each other or inspires you about your futures together.”