Valentine’s Day is coming up, and with that said we’re pretty sure you’re already planning something big for your significant other. However, there are just too many factors to consider in buying a gift that it’s quite difficult to decide which to get, not to mention the myriad of possibilities your partner would want for D-Day. Well, forget the predictable chocolates and flowers setup – give your better half the best gifts you can get in the most tech-savvy way possible with this guide.

For Her

1. Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

Staying fit is a woman’s prerogative, and you’ll want to support her in every way possible. Motivate her with the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband that crunches numbers to help her achieve her daily goals and enable her to advance in workout programs.

2. Sennheiser Momentum

If your gal wants to listen to some tunes while you’re together on a trip, you’ll want her to listen with the best set of cans that’s within your reach. Sennheiser’s Momentum will easily fill in that role with its classy design and superb performance to boot.

3. Thrustmaster T-Fitness Pro Pack NW

If she hates going to the gym but she still wants to be active, then the Thrustmaster T-Fitness Pro Pack NW will definitely do her good. She’ll get a savvy transport bag that comes with a floor mat, dumbells, an antiperspiration headband, a shoulder strap that she can attach her iPod to and a cleaning cloth.

4. PlayStation 4’s Singstar

If you already have a PlayStation at your home and you don’t want to hug it for your Call of Duty and Destiny sprees, then you can get Singstar to help her get in karaoke mood. It features a free smartphone app so she can go ahead and use it as a microphone, making it perfect for your duets and parties, too.

5. Apple iPhone 6s

Everyone’s always at the edge of their seats waiting for the next iPhone. So, if your better half is looking for a smartphone that’s good enough for selfies and whatnot, the iPhone 6s would probably be the perfect choice. It has a kickass pair of cameras, and it also sports new features such as ForceTouch to make it more efficient than ever. Plus, it comes in rose gold.

6. USB Cup Warmer

When she’s hard at work in the office and she needs to keep her coffee warm, this pink heart-shaped USB cup warmer would make as one of the best gifts for her job. It will sit nicely at her desk, and she’ll always remember you when she takes a glance at it.

7. GoPro Hero 4

If she likes to go on adventures, it’s probably best if she has something to document it with. GoPro Hero 4 looks to be the perfect option for this as it’s one of the best action cams available on the face of the planet today.

For Him

1. DJI Phantom 3 Drone

Drones are taking over the world by storm, and it’s all thanks to DJI getting them into the mainstream business. So, if he’s been itching to get his hands on one, you’d do best with the company’s Phantom 3 Drone. Not only does this drone fly, it can also record full HD videos to make his jaw drop. What’s more, it also has a FailSafe mechanism that sends it back if it does happen to lose remote connection or when it’s a bit low on juice.

2. PlayStation 4

If you really want to have that “wow!” factor, get him a PlayStation 4. Its library is fast expanding, and its graphics prowess is just surreal. While that may steal his time and attention from you, he’ll still think that you’re the coolest gal in the universe.

3. Panasonic ES-SL41 Milano Shaver

‘Moveber’ is still too far of a date to be worried about, and he probably needs to get a clean shave. With that said, Panasonic’s ES-SL41 Milano Shaver will do just the trick. It sports a serious 3-blade setup, and it comes with a premium curved foil design to get rid of that nasty irritation from disposable razors.

4. Nest Cam Security Camera

Let’s get real here. Security is of primary importance when it comes to men, especially if he needs to keep his family safe. So what better way to do that than to keep an eye open for valuable things in his humble abode even when he’s away? The Nest Cam Security Camera can stream live 24/7 video to his smartphone, and it also sends motion and sound alerts.

5. Nintendo 3DS XL

If he’s more of a traveler rather than a stay-at-home dude, it may be a good idea to give him something quite portable for a gaming device. Nintendo’s 3DS XL seems to be one of the best choices today all thanks to its awesome selection of RPGs and adventure titles.

6. Moto 360 Sport

If he’s the outgoing type and he’s just too physically active, he’s probably going to need a smartwatch that can match his stamina. The Moto 360 sport is the rugged version of the classy Moto 360 smartwatch, and it comes with everything he needs to track his activities in the great outdoors.

7. Mix Tape USB Flash Drive

If you want to go retro but you still want to keep things a bit advanced, why not make a mix tape for him? But we’re not talking about just the standard mix tape from years past, we mean the mix tape USB flash drive that, as its name suggests, is a USB flash drive disguised as a mix tape.