That time of the year has arrived when you gear up for Halloween. One of the major parts of this celebration is the variety of scary costumes one dons to give the festival it’s true spooky feeling. But, this Halloween seems to be getting weirder. Wondering why and how! Then read this news.

Have you ever dared to look like the genital of a woman and go about it very coolly? Yes, you read it right. Now the market has come up with such a product around Halloween and the vagina mask is a huge hit among buyers! What is the whole deal about? Here is the story.

Call it the creepiest costume, the vagina mask is released just when Halloween is around.  It is a handmade silicone BDSM creation. As one puts it on, it stretches all over the face, covers nose  and mouth and looks like female genitals.

Melissa Coulter is the mind behind this bizarre product who has designed it with great perfection. It is sold for £383 on Etsy, however, anyone in any corner of the world can order it online. Surprisingly, the product already got a huge number of buyers and web is buzzing with their feedbacks, most of them positive.

“The mask was beautifully crafted. Appearance was just ad described. Material thickness was greater than I expected, which limits the stretch and movement somewhat for someone with a larger head,” shared one buyer.

Another happy purchaser gave feedback saying:

“I’m very satisfied with purchase!!! The mask is even better than I thought. It does not cover just face but the whole head, neck and part of torso. Definitely scariest mask I have ever seen – eerie grin, the detailed work of spikes and horns. The material also seems very durable – thick latex, fits really good, comfortable,” informs The Ladbible

So if this Halloween if you want to standout in the crowd of scarily dressed pals and more importantly if you have the guts to try something bizarre then look no beyond this creation. Be a model of this vagina mask which is a huge hit and you are sure to grab all the eye balls.