Given the situation in Syria, Russia has reportedly made it even worse with its recent involvements in the conflict. Syria’s civil war has also called for a US intervention as the conflict moves toward its sixth year. The forces who are pushing for increased intervention puts emphasis on the country’s humanitarian tragedies, including the need to take a stand against Russia.

The argument was based on the premise that US intervention can have a good effect on the lives of the Syrians. Therefore, the conflict should only be ended if there was any moral and political will to do so. However, such premise is basically flawed. In truth, additional US intervention has very little chance to succeed as it can only worsen the hostility.

Syria’s bloody conflict has resulted to over a quarter million of dead Syrians in the last five years with over 6.6 million citizens who have been displaced. An estimate by the United Nations reveal that 18 cities or towns are besieged, disallowing the citizens to receive their basic needs, The Guardian reported.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stated that there are just 620,000 Syrians who are able to get aid from the convoys that were coordinated by the UN last year as compared to the 2.9 million which were given in 2013.

Although it is quite unwise to intervene in the internal conflict just to go against Russia, it is somewhat true that the data on the ground may bring some diplomatic results. Any developments against the extremist groups or Assad from a powerful US-backed rebel group on the ground could improve the advantage in the Geneva process.

Syria’s civil war, nonetheless, will more likely worsen if there will be additional US intervention. This is what the president has seemed to realize, which a lot of his critics have failed to understand, Vox reported.