Kasi Bennett came first. Then, Jady Duarte along with an unidentified twerking girl. Could there be another Usain Bolt girlfriend?

Interest in Usain Bolt grew with every gold medal he claimed at the recent Rio Olympics 2016. As expected, curiosity would venture into his personal life. Thus, the name of Kasi Bennett emerged. The Olympian referred to her as his First Lady. Although she was not physically present to support her man, she shared her pride on social media. It would also appear their relationship is quite serious as his sister revealed their likely wedding after the games.

Yet his recent birthday celebration while still in Rio brought up a number of surprises that Kasi might not enjoy. First came a video of him with a twerking girl. Second, a photo on WhatsApp also revealed him in the arms of Jady Duarte. The night proved quite a busy one for the Jamaican sprinter as new photos suggested another girl caught his attention. Bolt and the brown-haired woman kissed in the VIP area of a Rio nightclub. Thus, it would seem she came before the intimate bedtime pictures shared by Jady on social media. Click here to see the kissing pictures of Usain Bolt with another girl.

Following his birthday revelry, the Jamaican sprinter reportedly skipped the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016. According to Mail Online, the full identity of Jady Duarte might have spurred his departure. As it turns out, the 20-year-old student happens to be the widow of Douglas Donato Pereira. Before his death at the hands of police last March, Pereira, also known as Dina Terro, was one of the most dangerous drug lords of Rio. Yet it would seem Jady had no idea who Usain Bolt was at the time they were together.

“He sent a security guard to call me over. We spoke quickly. But at that moment I didn’t know it was him, because there were many Jamaicans who looked similar,” Jady revealed. Thus, a search for who is the Usain Bolt girlfriend online could possibly offer varied results.

Who is the real Usain Bolt girlfriend?