“This Is Us” is an upcoming dramedy series that has yet to premiere. However, it could be a big hit for the network given how its trailer has already amassed a significant number of viewers.

As of writing, the number of views of the trailer on Facebook is at 38 million and counting. The YouTube post has close to six million views. This is certainly a viewership milestone for a new series preview, Deadline noted. To date, the publication surmised it could get 50 million views that would include the video stream on NBC.com.

Here are eight things you need to know to get up to speed on what “This Is Us” is all about.

1. “This Is Us” is part of NBC’s new line-up of fall shows, Entertainment Weekly wrote. It centres on how the lives of its characters, who curiously share the same birthdate, connect with one another, the publication revealed.
2. Actor Milo Ventimiglia and actress Mandy Moore headline the upcoming dramedy series. Interestingly, the start of the trailer features a naked Ventimiglia.
3. The popularity of its lead stars likely helped boost the trailer’s popularity. However, the two and a half minute video also shared scenes that many audiences could relate to, Movie Pilot noted based on the Facebook comments.
4. Movie Pilot also praised the emotion packed trailer with a nod to writer Dan Fogelman along with directors John Requa and Glenn Ficarra who are the team responsible for “This Is Us.” The three were also behind the 2011 film “Crazy, Stupid, Love” that featured Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the publication recalled.
5. Cosmopolitan is optimistic for “This Is Us” given its particular “storyline for the fat woman.” Rather than a story about weight loss, it shows a “fat woman learning to love and accept herself and to LIVE,” the publication wrote.
6. Refinery29 described the father and son reunion in the trailer as a confrontation that viewers will remember for a long time.
7. The trailer also featured a tragedy as Moore and Ventimiglia struggle with the death of one of their triplets, the publication added.
8. Actor Justin Hartley joins the cast so viewers are certain to have their fill of hot men in “This Is Us,” New Now Next wrote.

Watch the trailer of “This Is Us.”