A 16-year-old sophomore from Delaware high school died Thursday morning after a brawl broke out in a restroom involving many female students.

It was alleged that high school sophomore Amy Inita Joyner-Francis was attacked and killed by a group of bullies in the school bathrooms.

She had got into a fight involving two other students at Wilmington’s Howard High School of Technology. According to spokesperson Kathy K. Demarest, there was no use of weapons and police from Wilmington, Delaware were questioning other students.

According to Daily Mail, Wilmington police are investigating. It was also reported that the brawl may have been videotaped by one or more of Joyner-Francis’ attackers.


The sophomore was declared dead at  A.I. DuPont Children’s Hospital. She had been airlifted there in critical condition, According to police spokesperson Sgt. Andrea Janvier.

“I think this is a dream and I’m trying to wake up,” the girl’s father, Sonny Francis, said.


“All I know is my daughter is gone. She was the love of my life and it hurts.”

The assault broke out around 8:15 a.m. before the classes started on Thursday. Howard High School of Technology is a vocational school in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Students who saw the deadly ordeal said that Joyner and another girl started fighting in one of the women’s bathrooms. They also said that the fight took place over a boy.

It was at that moment when a group of other girls jumped onto the sophomore. At one point, someone smashed her head on a sink, says witnesses.


This picture was taken from cellphone footage. It shows how the 16-year-old is being compelled to get to her knees by a girl who has got hold of her hair.

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Kayla Wilson, another student, said that she was present in a stall in the girl’s restroom when the scuffle broke out.


“She was fighting a girl, and then that’s when all these other girls started banking her — like jumping her — and she hit her head on the sink,” Wilson said about the victim.

Many girls have been suspended from the Delaware school after they were questioned.


According to Mayor Dennis Williams, the girls now know that  they’re in very serious trouble and could spend quite some time in prison.

According to Fox News, students were asked to stay in their classrooms after the fight. School was dismissed at 10:15 a.m.

The school has canceled Friday classes.