Billionaire business mogul Donald Trump retains his position as the Republican Party’s front runner, according to a latest poll.

In the latest poll of ABC News and Washington Post, Trump led the Republican poll both in vote preferences and expectations. 42 percent of the Republicans hope Trump to become the party’s nominee, while 43 percent expect that Trump would win the US Presidential Elections.

In the GOP Candidate Attributes, Trump also emerged as having the most key attributes as nominee. Trump has 47 percent of votes for being the strongest leader and 43 percent said that he has the best chance.

However, another potential nominee Ben Carson led the poll for having the best personality and the most honest among the six potential nominees. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, on the other hand, got 31 percent of votes for having the best experience.

The poll also took note of the Republicans preference in choosing a nominee between an outsider versus the one who has experience. 75 percent of votes emerged to be in favor of a nominee who has experience.

Nonetheless, the site mentions that Trump gets a lot of support “among less educated voters” having 46 percent of votes from those who were only able to reach high school. He’s also more popular with men and those who oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

Yahoo Finance reports that Trump “is now more closely mirroring that of a traditional front-runner” as seen on the latest poll. It notes a very significant shift as Trump was not even in the poll last March.

In another report by ABC News, the billionaire business mogul shared that Jeb Bush is attacking him because of the polls outcome. Jeb Bush had previously commented that Trump is not a “serious candidate” in terms of foreign policy.

Trump said in a telephone interview on Good Morning America, “Well, look, Jeb has had a very hard time. He’s way down in the polls. He’s doing very poorly. He’s embarrassed by what’s happening. So he has to attack me to try to get his numbers up.”

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