Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s margin over presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump narrows down with the approach of the US presidential elections 2016.

The American population has already started splitting in its difference in opinion as far as choosing a right candidate for president is concerned. According to the Deccan Chronicle, Clinton rules the heart of black voters and Hispanics with 75 points and 37 points lead over Trump, respectively. In addition, grassroots conservatives are eagerly finding out ways to make the Republican convention in July a failure. It will be their way of denying Trump the presidential nomination.

The latest polls have shown that Clinton is leading with just a three percent advantage in the US presidential elections 2016. “Americans are nearly split between their choice of Trump or Clinton; her margin over Trump narrows from five points last week to three points this week to 48 percent to 45 percent,” NBC News/Survey Monkey stated as its latest online tracking poll results were revealed. The NBC News statistic came after the polls conducted prior to the primaries in Oregon and Kentucky. Where Clinton leads by 75 points with votes from black voters and 37 points with votes from Hispanics, Trump leads by 14 points with votes from the whites.

The latest polls have also shown Trump trailing behind Clinton with 15 points as far as women votes are concerned. On the other hand, The Save our Party Leadership Committee group told The Independent that those who have doubts about Trump’s ability would be restricted from entering the Quicken Loans Arena, the venue decided for the convention.

“This is a grassroots movement, this is unprecedented,” the group’s spokesman, Ian Bayne, said. “What we are saying is: nothing in the rules is against this,” he said, justifying the group’s take. “And if we aren’t there (in the Quicken Loans Arena), if those delegates aren’t there, then they can’t vote. We can wait them out until the other delegates are unbound.”