The difference between the votes grabbed by Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton should be trivial if the latest Ipsos opinion poll for the US presidential elections 2016 is the basis.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed on Wednesday that there is a very close competition between Clinton and Trump who never miss any chance to criticise each other’s schemes, policies, and personalities. The Wall Street Journal reports it was only last week when Clinton attacked Trump saying he was a “loose cannon,” while Trump called Clinton “a total enabler” of her husband’s affairs.

The latest Ipsos survey revealed that 41 percent supported Clinton while a close 40 percent backed Trump. Only around 19 percent were not sure at this point. There were 1,289 people who participated in the survey over five days. Trump responded to Reuters and expressed his delight on the results. “Very happy to see these numbers,” he said. “Good direction.” On the other hand, there was no response from the Clinton side.

The November 8 elections would be hotter than expected if the latest poll results are to be considered. Where Clinton’s campaign is experiencing a red flag based on the results of the online survey conducted recently, Trump’s position has enormously improved.

According to Reuters, the reason behind the surge in Trump’s figures is his Republican nomination win over rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich. In April, an NBC/Wall Street Journal survey revealed that 53 percent of voters rated Clinton as good or very good on her knowledge and experience to handle the presidency while only 21 percent were positive about Trump. However, over the last couple of weeks, the competition has tightened and the numbers for the Trump camp have caught up.

Republican strategist Dave Carney said that the poll indicated how vulnerable Clinton was as she was still fighting for her nomination in the US presidential elections 2016. “She has been in the public eye for decades, served in high office, and now she’s in a dead heat with Trump, in a race that everyone thought she would win easily,” Carney said. “Everyone thought it would be a romp.”