An Australian woman was shot dead by an officer during a police emergency response in Minneapolis. The whole neighborhood and her family voiced out their grief and denounced the police for her death.

According to ABC Australia’s report, the slain woman is Justine Damond, 40. Huffington Post Australia noted that she was a meditation teacher and life coach who was known well in the community. She was shot during a police operation that aimed to stop a potential assault case in an alley of W.51st Street around 4:30am AEST. One officer fired his gun which hit and killed Damond on the spot. 

“The BCA (Bureau of Criminal Apprehension) will now further be conducting this investigation, this officer-involved shooting, from this point onward,” said a Minnesota police department spokesperson. Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges herself was disappointed in the event. “I am sick and deeply disturbed by the incident.” The mayor also notes that the police body camera and squad camera equipment issued to the force last year wasn’t used during this operation.

Meanwhile, Damond’s loved ones and the

Minneapolis community voiced out their anger toward the police because of her death. Damond’s stepson, Zach, voiced out his disappointment toward the police during a vigil about her death: “I just know is that she [Justine Damond], heard a sound in the alley so she called the police, and the cops showed up. And she probably… thought something bad was happening and then the next thing, they take my best friend’s life. I’m so done with all this violence, it’s so much bulls**t. America sucks, these cops need to be trained differently and I need to move out of here,” said Zach Damond.

So far, investigations about the case is still on-going. National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People Minneapolis vice-president Leslie Redmond has already called the federal investigation for the shooting.